Initiator Training


We are very excited to facilitate our 2019 Initiator Training program in India, led by Jillian Lavender,
Light Watkins, Michael Miller, and Tim Mitchell.

For many meditators, having experienced the positive transformation that comes from meditation there is a natural desire to share this with others. The pinnacle of this desire is to become a professionally trained Initiator or teacher. This is someone who is qualified to act as a guide and inspiration for others to experience a more balanced and blissful life.

To take up this opportunity is a step into the unknown—a step that leads to a life of increased relevance and fulfillment through acting in the service of others. This is the need of our time—more consciousness and less stress. To deliver this, more people are needed who are able to teach to the highest standard and with integrity.

Bringing together four of the most experienced and active teachers in the world, this training will develop the best in all those who participate. The opportunity to train to be an Initiator in this honored tradition is a rare and wonderful one.


  1. Practicing Vedic Meditation for 2+ years
  2. Attend a Rounding Retreat
  3. Exploring the Veda Parts 1-6/ Course in Vedic Knowledge
  4. Mastering the Siddhis Part 1
  5. Complete the application
  6. Make your deposit
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Jillian Lavender

Jillian began her career leading global publishing companies in Sydney, Paris and London. She learned to meditate in 1993 while living in Sydney and practiced consistently throughout her business career. In 2002 Jillian left her corporate job and moved to Flagstaff, Arizona to train as a teacher of Vedic Meditation with her teacher, Thom Knoles. After 14 months of one-on-one tuition, she returned to London to build up her meditation practice and private coaching work. Along with her partner Michael Miller, she founded London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center. Jillian’s writing has appeared in MindBodyGreen, The Conversation, numerous magazines and in her own blog. Jillian and Michael have a daughter and are based in London.


Light Watkins

Light grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and lived and worked in Chicago, New York and Europe before settling in Santa Monica, California. In 2004 he was invited to a meditation talk where he met Thom Knoles, his meditation teacher, guru and mentor. Light studied with Thom for several years before joining him in India to train to become a meditation teacher. He now travels the world teaching Vedic Meditation to everyone from bankers, artists, and politicians, to CEOs, care takers, and comedians. Light is also author of The Inner Gym book series, a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, a TEDx speaker, and founder of The Shine Movement.


Michael Miller

Michael comes from a diverse business background, working previously in marketing for high profile music, theatre and entertainment companies. In 2004 while living in Los Angeles, Michael was taught Vedic Meditation. Having experienced the benefits, he let go of his business career and dedicated himself to sharing this technique with others. In 2007, after an intense training period including extended time in India, Michael trained with his teacher Thom Knoles and became an initiator of Vedic Meditation. As co-founder of London Meditation Centre and New York Meditation Center, Michael teaches full-time in London, New York and leads retreats in the UK, Europe, the States and India.


Tim Mitchell

With a lifelong spirit of adventure, a passion for the ocean and sailing, a delight especially in timber boats, a generous heart and thirst for knowledge, Tim has a deeply rich experience of life. Vedic Meditation gradually wove itself into Tim’s life over 40 years ago, after learning the technique at 18 years of age. Tim became an Initiator of Vedic Meditation in Rishikesh, India in 2005 with Thom Knoles. Tim is credited in several other areas of Vedic Knowledge apart from Meditation. He holds Diplomas in Svastha Yoga (A.G.Mohan), Dynamic Yoga (Godfri Deveaux) and as an Ayurvedic Consultant (Australia) as well as  many certificates of study  (including with Dr Sunil Joshi) in India and Australia totaling more than 500 hours.


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